OS State of the Union

Arek Dreyer, Dreyer Network Consultants.

What do we actually care about?

Charles Edge, Jamf and

The IT Workplace in the Agile Age

Andreas Westendörpf, FileWave

Cybersecurity in 2017! And what about 2018?

Sascha Uhl, Code42

Scripting Bash

Armin Briegel,


Duncan McCracken, Mondada

How to maintain a moving target:

a short story

Arnór Kristjánsson, Atea

Introducing Munki 3

Greg Neagle, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Demystifying MDM: open source endeavours to manage Macs

Jesse Peterson, MacTechs

Apple's Unified Logging for Sysadmins

Tim Sutton, Sauce Labs

Experience Microsoft SCCM the smart way: Manage Mac & PC – via a single Console

Timofey Furyaev, Parallels

Secure or Productive? That is the question!

Sven Huschke, Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH


Marko Jung, University of Oxford

Securing the Sysadmin

Samuel Keeley, Airbnb

Dive into APFS

Tim Standing, OWC

OmniJS: Automation Magic comes to iOS and macOS

Sal Soghoian,

NoMAD and the future of

Directory Services

Joel Rennich, Orchard & Grove

The Apple Admin Community

Zach Halmstad,  Jamf

NoLo - Controlling the Login Window with NoMAD Login

Joel Rennich, Orchard & Grove

So, how does this work?

Edward Marczak, Google

(Code) Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Jonathan Levin, Technologeeks

Audīte alteram partem

Jonathan Levin, Technologeeks