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Migrating Away From macOS Server Services

Charles Edge, Jamf and

Exhibitor session: VMware

What Every Mac Admin Needs to Know About Modern macOS Management

John Richards, VMware

Mucking about with Mojave

Ben Toms, dataJAR

Help me help you

Andrew Seago, Top 10 Bio-Tech Company, Macbrained

Tethered Management of iOS Devices

Sal Soghoian,

Exhibitor session: Moreware

Jorgen Olsson - Moreware

Exhibitor session: A New Standard for Apple IT Management in the Cloud

Peter Stebbins, Addigy

Imaging is Dead: What Now?

Greg Neagle, Walt Disney Animation Studios

DEP - The Right Way

Joel Rennich, Orchard & Grove

Enterprise Management of Office for Mac

Olof Hellman, Microsoft

Exhibitor Session: Parallels

Alexander Pantos and Timofey Furyaev, Parallels

Enabling a Unified Apple Experience on Apple TV

Laura Roesler, SAP


Marko Jung, University of Oxford

Managing Macs for all Orgs

Edward Marczak, Duo Security

If You Build It...

Duncan McCracken, Mondada

Adventures in fleet control and managed services

Henry Stamerjohann, Apfelwerk GmbH & Co.KG

Exhibitor Session: Deploy certificates using Jamf

Laurent Pertois, Jamf

Swift for Apple Admins

Armin Briegel,

Ensuring the Fortune 1's success with Apple

Miles A. Leacy IV, Walmart

Understanding APFS and New Storage Hardware

Tim Standing, OWC

Riding Your Next Mac Admin Wave

Tim Sutton, Sauce Labs

APFS deep internals

Jonathan Levin, Technologeeks

Under the Bridge(OS)

Jonathan Levin, Technologeeks

Getting started with Amazon Web Services

Rich Trouton, SAP